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Introducing Starky


Starky designs and builds specialised devices to overcome the operational shortcomings of equipment used in the provision and maintenance of underground services.

Maybe you have a mainstream product that just doesn’t quite do the job as it should. Maybe you have an idea for something that will solve your particular problem, but not the option of turning it into reality.

All of the products created by Starky have been designed and built at the request of the end user seeking to overcome expensive or inefficient practices.

* Solutions specific to your problem
* Enhanced equipment performance
* Improved productivity
* High quality Australian design and
* One-off products that last a lifetime
* Reduced OHS liability


Starky is also a highly experienced final trim grader operator with over 35 years in the earthmoving industry, from open-cut mines and multi-lane freeways to housing estates and commercial developments. Starky now owns and operates a ‘Mini’ Grader.

This little articulated 6x6 machine has a 6ft blade with a 5ft push blade at the front, weighing in at only 1.5 tn.

This “Tonka Toy” is perfect for the little jobs, from golf cart tracks, walking/cycling paths and horse arena’s to civil works such as small, tight carpark construction or building site preparation. Any job that’s too small for a normal grader but still needs the same finish, is exactly what this machine is designed for.

Contract or hourly rate available.


HoseRunner Demo

video-still The ultimate for jetting hose or data cable protection over sharp corners.

Watch the video to see how easy the HoseRunner is to set up and how effectively it looks after your hoses and cables.


If you would like a personal demonstration, please contact me to arrange a time.